Tire Description:

The Sailun S637T is an all-steel highway rib tire designed to provide the ultimate in performance for trailer applications. The heavy duty all steel construction delivers superior strength and durability while providing enhanced traction and straight tracking. The S637T is perfect for all high load capacity trailer applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • All steel construction for maximum strength and load capacity.
  • Multi-sipes improve traction in wet conditions and dissipate heat for prolonged tread life.
  • Five rib design for improved stability.
  • Solid shoulder to resist irregular wear and improve fuel efficiency.


  • RV Trailers
  • 5th Wheel Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Boat Trailers



                  Load CapacityLoad Carrying Capacity:
CodeProduct Code: / Article No. SizeTire Size: L.I./S.R.Load Index / Speed Rating: P.R.Ply Rating: T.D.Tread Depth: RimRim Width: O.DOutside Diameter: S.W.Section Width: S.L.R.Static Load Radius: SingleLoad Carrying Capacity (Single): DualLoad Carrying Capacity (Dual): A.P.Air Pressure:
        32nds in. in. in. in. lbs. lbs. p.s.i.
5540993* ST235/85R16 132/127 L 14 12 6.50 31.7 9.3 13.9 4400 3860 110
5541960* ST235/80R16 129/125 L 14 10 6.50 30.8 9.3 14.3 4080 3640 110
* Requires special high-load capacity wheel. Consult wheel manufacturer for proper application.